DIY fun A4 garland

I saw this great idea of making a garland with A4 prints. So when my sister was having a party with an English theme, I knew I wanted to make this personalisable garland. 

What you need:

  • Fabric. Cut into pieces which are at least 5 cm wider on all sides than the A4 paper.
  • A4 paper.
  • Images. I used images found on Pinterest but you could also use photos, which would be fun for an anniversary or birthday.
  • A stapler
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Ribbon. 


Here is what you do:

  1. Print your images on white A4 paper. Sort the images by them being horizontal or vertical. I like to make two different garlands, one for the horizontal images and one for the vertical images. 
  2. Measure 6 cm from the top and place your A4 image there. Use the stapler to staple the image to the fabric. By measuring the centimetres from the top you make sure all the images will be the same height. 
  3. Decide in which order you want your images, and place them in this order. Now get your ribbon out, save 20 cm of ribbon for the beginning and end. Folding over the first 2 cm around your ribbon and staple the fabric to the ribbon. Separate the images by 2 cm to create a playful look.
  4. And voila your garland is finished. 



What do you think of this garland?

DIY brownie gift

I made this DIY brownie gift as a 'thank you' to someone who helped me out. This is also a fun gift for a birthday or as 'get well' wish.


Here is what you will need:

  • Brownie in pieces
  • A fun popcorn basket (or any other kind of basket you like)
  • Gift tag
  • Some ribbon
  • Plastic foil


Here is what you do:

  • Put the brownies into the basket. Make sure the brownies are visible ove the edge. 
  • Wrap the basket with some plastic foil. Add the ribon and gift tag.
  • Voila, your gift is ready!



Life in Photos 52/52

Photo above: 1st of January – Happy New Year!


26th of December – Made lemon pie.


26th of December – Bowling!


27th of December – Thesis and ice cream.


28th of December – Leftovers. Soo good. 



29th of December – Gym gala!


30th of December – Beautiful snowy views. 


30th of December – Amazing Christmas gifts. 


31th of December – Old years dinner.


31th of December – Oliebollen for the new year!


1st of January – Fancy New Years breakfast. 


1st of January – Cheers to 2017!


1st of January – Work work work, more thesis. 


Life in Photos 51/52

Photo above: 25th of December – Second course of the Christmas dinner. Pineapple carpaccio.


19th of December – Poffertjes for lunch!


22th of December – Thesis!


23th of December – Jummy pizza for dinner.



23th of December – Unwrapping Christmas presents.


24th of December – Baking brownies…. gonna be soo good. 


24th of December – Tortillas for dinner. 


25th of December – Merry Christmas. Breakfast with champagne.


25th of December – Chocolate salami!


25th of December – First course of the Christmas dinner. Pulled salmon spoon. 


25th of December – Third course of the Christmas dinner. Soup with mushrooms. 


25th of December – Sixth course of the Christmas dinner.


Life in Photos 50/52

Photo above: 14th of December – Wrapping Christmas gifts


12th of December – Breakfast looking fancy!


12th of December – Cloudy, moody weather outside. 


13th of December – Life. #thesis.



14th of December – Lunch with mama and the brother!


15th of December – Delicious lunch, all time favourite: tortillas. 


15th of December – Making things cosy for myself. #thesis.


16th of December – Sunshine and a Christmas tree. 


17th of December – Making sauce with Mama. 


17th of December – Jummy dinner and a fun dessert.


18th of December – Some soup with bread! Always a good idea.


18th of December – When #thesis gets the Christmas spirit. 


18th of December – Cheesefondue for dinner.


18th of December – Late night blogging food. Ohhhh yeah.