Pancake bake-off

On the 18th of March we celebrated National Pancakes day. What better way to celebrate this with eating a lot of pancakes? We decided to organise a last minute pancake bake-off. We invited friends and family and asked them to bring a stack of their own, special pancakes. 




Erwin (a friend of us) made Nutella, whipped cream and cookies pancakes.





Vegan pancakes made by Amber.




It was a great night! It was soo much fun to sit, relax, eat and enjoy the company of friends and family. It was amazing to taste all these different kinds of pancakes. I think we have found ourselves a new tradition!




Chantal (our aunt) made pancakes in her wafel-iron and created a cream-cherry-cheese pancake.




Siem-Jan (our uncle) made these amazing Saté pancakes. 




Natural pancakes made by Danny (a friend of ours).



And here is my German Pancake recipe:

German Pancake

Life in Photos 12/52

Photo above: 27th of March – Happy Easter!



22th of March – Can you believe this amazing sun-set? 



23th of March – Going out for dinner spontaneously (that one time you do not bring your camera) ;P.



24th of March – Flowers; red and white.



26th of March – My dad, working underground.



26th of March – Making Easter flower arrangements with my mom.



26th of March – Results.



26th of March – Makes you happy right?



26th of March – Making Easter chocolate barks!



27th of March – Easter Brunch at my aunt's and uncle's.



27th of March – Great house decorations.



27th of March – Easter candy, cookies and cake.



27th of March – Plus a great meal.


German Pancake

Last week for National Pancake day we organised a little last minute pancake bake-off. We invited family and friends to bring their pancakes, so we could have a big pancake tasting. Since we have a special stove, making 'normal' pancakes, which to us means crepe like pancakes, aren't easy to make. So I thought, what to do then? I went and searched on Pinterest and found this German Oven Pancake Recipe. Why not make a German Pancake? I most certainly never had one before. 

I used the German Pancake recipe above to create this pancake. It tastes mighty fine… It is different than what you expect from a pancake, but soo good. It is soft and crunchy at the same time. I will definitely make this again! 



  • 120 grams butter 
  • 480 ml milk
  • 4 eggs
  • 175 grams flour
  • 4 tablespoons  sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 lemon
  • Powdered sugar (for garnish)







Put the butter in the pan or baking dish, both work fine. Set the pan in the oven and preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 200 degrees Celsius. Keep an eye on the butter, you do not want it to burn. 
In a blender combine the ingredients: milk, flour, sugar, eggs and vanilla. Use a spatula to make sure there are not any lumps in the batter, if there are, blend a bit more.
When the butter is melted you can pour the batter into the pan. Put the pan in the oven and bake for 20-30 minutes, Keep an eye on it, you do not want the top to burn. The pancake is finished if the edges puffy and golden brown.
Squeeze a little lemon on top, I love how this sizzles. Then sprinkle powdered sugar over the top and voilá, ready is your German Pancake!




Easter tulip gift

Easter is almost here!! Whoop, whoop. I always love Easter… it feels like a promise of better weather and summer coming. Plus we celebrate Easter with both side of the family and a lot of food… So yeah, sounds like a great holiday to me.

My mom and I went to IKEA the other day and brought home these cute Easter dishtowels. I knew I wanted to create an Easter gift out of this… so here we go. An Easter tulip gift, perfect for giving your egg-hunt hostess. 


Here is what you need:

  • Cute IKEA Easter dishtowel.
  • Planter
  • A cute spring flower, I used tulips bought at IKEA.
  • Ribbon







What to do:

Place the planter in the middle of the dishtowel. Fold the first point into the planter and continue to do so. You will reach the point where your whole planter is covered with the dishtowel. Check if you like the folding and if something sticks out somewhere you can adjust this at this point. Cut a piece of ribbon and tie this around the planter to finish of the look. Add the tulips and ready is your Easter tulip gift.




Happy Easter!!!!

Life in Photos 11/52

Photo above: 18th of March – Pancake bake-off during National Pancake day!



15th of March – Fun quotes at work. #lifegoals!



16th of March – Spring! Love the flowers popping up everywhere. 



18th of March – German Pancake. On national pancake day!



18th of March – Family and friends all brought their favourite pancakes! Such a fun night.



18th of March – Saté pancake with a meatball and saté sauce, which tasted surprisingly amazing.



18th of March – Or cheesecake pancakes looking like waffles…. soo good!



19th of March – Sandwich with ham for lunch.



19th of March – Polaroid with Oma, Amber and Lotte my niece. 



20th of March – Momma working like crazy in the garden! Happy with her new shredder.



20th of March – Easter is almost here!


Easter Chocolate Biscuits Nests

Today I will show you my favorite cookie recipe EVER. They're so delicious, but let me warn you, they're also sooo addicting!  I made nests of them and topped them of with M&M's (as eggs) to get into the Easter spirit. This cookie is really easy to make and only acquires 2 ingredients! Scroll all the way down for the video 🙂











  • Dark Chocolate
  • Biscuits
  • M&M's with and without nuts (or other small toppings)


How to make these delicious cookies:

1. Break the dark chocolate into smaller pieces and let it melt. The microwave is the fastest option for melting chocolate.

2. While the chocolate is melting, break the biscuits into little pieces.

3. Mix the melted chocolate and biscuits together.

4. Create heaps/circles with this mixture. Make little holes in the heaps/circles.

5. Fill the holes with the topping. 

And you're done, ENJOY!


Video tutorial: (I will show how you can make these cookies into s' mores by just adding marshmallows)

PS: Vegan option: use dark chocolate without any milk & use skittles as toppings (yes, skittles are VEGAN!!).

String beans soup

String beans are not really my favourite food in the world, but we had them at home… So what to do? It was Friday night so nobody was feeling like mashed potatoes and string beans… I thought, why not make soup. Since you can make soup out of every vegetable, why not string beans. Google also showed a lot of recipes, so string beans soup it was going to be. 


What you need to make this soup:

  • String beans 400 grams
  • Some butter
  • 2 onions
  • 2 gloves of garlic
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 125 ml cream
  • 250 grams of bacon strips
  • 300 ml water
  • 1 stock cube
  • 3 tablespoons of pesto
  • (hand blender)







  1. Cut the string beans, onions, garlic and potatoes. Put some butter in the pan and bake the garlic and onions until light brown. Add the string beans and potatoes and bake these for 5 minutes. Add water and the stock cube. Let boil for 10 minutes. 
  2. Use the hand blender to create one creamy substance of the soup. Add the cream, pesto and some salt or pepper, depending the taste.
  3. Bake the bacon strips until crispy. Server the soup with some bacon strips on top. You can even add a leave of basil to make it look super chic!
  4. Bon appetite!




Looking for more soup? Check out this amazing garlic soup below:

Christmas Dinner – Garlic Soup

Life in Photos 10/52

Photo above: 12th of March – Flowers!



7th of March – Cake…. Chocolate with salted caramel cake to be precise, at work on a Monday. No better way to start of the week.



10th of March – Look, it has shoes on!



11th of March – Candles…



12th of March – New cushions for the couch outside… #IKEA



12th of March – Family testing to see if they sits well. 



12th of March – Made cheese fondue… Will share the recipe soon.



12th of March – Amazing sunset.



13th of March – Sorting seeds for the vegetable garden.



13th of March – Planting of the seeds. I'm excited to see how and if it all will grow.



13th of March – Theatre with all the cousins! Saw the Ashton Brothers, so much fun.



13th of March – Pizza and Pasta afterwards! Jummy.


How to grow your hair fast & healthy.

In this post I will show you 20 tips & tricks on how to grow your hair faster and still keep it healthy. I wanted my hair to be way longer a few years ago and throughout the years I've learned a lot about growing hair, while trying to let it stay it healthy. I decided to keep the explanations short in order to make this post easier to read. However, if you would like more information about why the tip or trick works so well, just use your friend Google and he’ll help you out. I promise.


Inside Out

The easiest tips & tricks, which are also very good for your overall health, are about focusing on what goes inside your body. Because – let’s face it – what you put inside of you, will eventually show from the outside.


1. Drink enough WATER.

Your body consists of a lot of water, which means it’ll need water to keep your body & hair hydrated and healthy.



Again: what goes into your body will reflect on the outside. If your diet gives you a lot of protein & vitamins, your hair will grow faster and look healthier.


3. Use hair-boosting VITAMINS.

If you aren’t getting enough of certain vitamins and can’t seem to get enough from food, eat some extra vitamins.



Exercising will get more blood flowing, which helps your hair get more nutrients.


5. Keep your STRESS level low.

Stress will cause more hairs to fall out of your head.



The shower

6. DON’T shampoo your hair often.

Washing your hair will remove the natural fats. At first you’ll notice that your hair gets oily quickly, but the longer you wait with washing it every time, the less you’ll need to!


7. Use CONDITIONER (more often than shampoo).

Makes sure to skip the scalp while conditioning, because it’ll make the hair oily & grease more easily.


8. MASSAGE your scalp.

This will get the blood flowing, which (again) allows your hair to get more nutrients.


9. Finish with COLD water.

Rinsing your hair with cold water will give it a nicer feel and make it looks shiny.


10. Don’t put your wet hair in a TOWEL.

This will destroy your hair because of the rough texture. Instead of a towel, you can use a t-shirt.


11. Don’t brush your hair when it’s WET.

You will only pull out hair while brushing it when it’s wet.


12. Don’t use heat when your hair is WET.

I hope I don’t even have to explain this. Seriously, this is so bad for your hair.



Please, be kind to your hair

13. Tie your hair at DIFFERENT places.

If you tie your hair at the same place a lot, your hair will break and grow out at those places.


14. Avoid really tight hairstyles.

Especially ones that hurt, it’s your body telling you that it’s not good for your hair.


15. Minimize HEAT.

Of course you won’t use heat when your hair is wet (right?!), but you should also minimize the use on dry hair. Using heat on your hair will sort of literally BURN your hair, and I think we can all agree that that doesn’t sound healthy.


16. Minimize things like COLOURING.

Same goes for things like painting your hair. I mean, you’re putting all these chemicals in your hair, it’s logical your hair will be dried out and will fall out.


17. Minimize brushing.

If you do brush your hair: start at the bottom and work your way up. This gradually detangles hair. Also: use a wide-toothed comb.


18. Sleep on a silk PILLOWCASE (instead of a cotton one).

Silk is sweeter to your hair. It can avoid breakage and damage, as well as tangles.


19. Make sure to get your hair CUT.

Wait, what? Yes, you heard that right, don’t skip the trims. Split ends will travel up your strands, which means: the longer you wait for a cut, the more you’ll have to cut.


20. If you REALLY want it to grow fast, you can use this TRICK:

Heat up 2-4 tablespoons of (coconut) oil in the microwave for 20 seconds. Really massage the hot oil into your scalp. Hang your head upside down, so more blood will flow to your scalp. Do this for about 4 minutes. You can either: rinse out the oil (preferably with cold water) or keep it in with a maximum of 2 hours. If you repeat this trick every day, for a week, your hair will grow 3-4 inches.

The not so great thing about this method: it will make your hair look oily, which will make you want to wash it more often.



I hope this post will help you grow out your hair! 

What do you do to keep your hair healthy and growing faster?


Check out this cute & very simple hair tutorial:

An easy and quick updo within 5 minutes!

Gift wrapping in old newspapers

There's nothing better then giving gifts. My uncle's and grandma's birthdays were coming up and I wanted to give them something special. As being the photographer of the family I have an archive full of great pictures off the whole family. I came across a discount for framed photo's at 'Herinnnering op Linnen' which is my favorite shop for ordering canvases, because their prizes and quality are great. And now they also offered framed photos.


I ordered two framed photos with different frames. I loved the quality and there is honestly nothing better then a correctly framed picture.


Here is what you need for wrapping your gift with old newspaper:

  • A stack of old newspapers (I got these from my dad, who saved them to make the puzzels, which he never did of course  :P)
  • Ribbons of your choosing
  • Tape
  • A cute gift tag (Which you can find on Pinterest)


What to do:

Wrap the present to your liking. Write a happy birthday message on you gift tag. Attach the ribbon and the tag to the gift! 

You're now ready to steal the show with your present!





Oma loved the gift!


Are you looking for more gift ideas? Check these out:

Tea gift basket with cute Ikea crate!

Awesome gift idea: Hot choco in a jar