Cake skewers

So I saw this Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs recipe on Pinterest and I thought that would be soo fun to make. I decided to make the recipe a bit more Dutch and to make a Stroopwafel Cake instead of shortcake. Add strawberries and white chocolate and you have this amazing, delicious and cute treat.



So here is what you would need:

– 1 pack of basic cake mixture. Something like this.

– Half a pack of stroopwafels.

– 500 grams of strawberries

– 200 grams of white chocolate

– Pack of skewers




Preparations of these fun skewers:

– Crumble the stroopwafels into pieces. Make the cake mixture as described on the package and add the pieces of stroopwafel before you put it into the oven. Make sure to use a brownie tin or an oven dish, because you want to create a low cake. Bake this cake as described on the package and let cool off. 

– Melt the chocolate and clean the strawberries. If you have really big onces, you might want to cut them in two, horizontally. 

– Cut the cake into pieces of 4 by 4 centimetres. Take one piece of cake, put as strawberry on top, add another piece of cake and a strawberry. Finish this of by putting you skewer through it. 

– Place all the skewers on a piece of parchment paper and make sure you put this on a flat surface. Divide the chocolate over the skewers using a spoon. I just drew some lines of chocolate on each of the skewers and then moved on to the next one. 

– Place them on a plate and put them in the fridge so the chocolate will be able to dry perfectly. If you want you can then also put chocolate on the other side and repeat the process until you have done either 2 or 4 sides. I prefer to do two sides.

– And ready are your cake skewers!!




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