Dutch Ice Cream Cake

We had this family dinner planned and I wanted to bring something like a dessert or cake. I had my eye on these special cakes you can buy in the store, but I could not find them at that moment. So I figured I had to think of something else. As an ice cream lover, the step to ice cream was pretty quick. I decided to mix in some real Dutch poffertjes to give the Ice Cream Cake an extra bite to it. The first strawberries are just coming to the store so really wanted to add them too. So it became a mixture of these ingredients. Sounds good right!


Ingredients for the Dutch Ice Cream Cake:

  • 100 grams of dark chocolate
  • 500 grams of strawberries
  • 1 liter of ice cream ( I used half a liter of vanilla ice cream and half a liter of three chocolates ice cream)
  • Pack of 75 poffertjes, 625 grams.








So here is what you do:

Cut the strawberries in four pieces. Melt the chocolate and keep it warm. Get a baking dish or something you like to use… but make sure that it still fits in your fridge :). 

Sprinkle some strawberries and poffertjes in your baking dish. Add ice cream in the empty parts. When the baking dish is nice and filled, add another layer of strawberries, poffertjes and ice cream. Continue doing so until you have finished all you products. Now add the hot chocolate on top of the ice cream cake. 

Voilà, your ice cream cake is ready. Now put the cake into the fridge for at least half an hour to get the ultimate result.



I really loved the combination of chocolate, ice cream and the Dutch poffertjes. The poffertjes stayed really soft and where easy to eat even though they where frozen. The strawberries on the other hand were very hard and cold to eat, but still very delicious. 

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