DIY fun A4 garland

I saw this great idea of making a garland with A4 prints. So when my sister was having a party with an English theme, I knew I wanted to make this personalisable garland. 

What you need:

  • Fabric. Cut into pieces which are at least 5 cm wider on all sides than the A4 paper.
  • A4 paper.
  • Images. I used images found on Pinterest but you could also use photos, which would be fun for an anniversary or birthday.
  • A stapler
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Ribbon. 


Here is what you do:

  1. Print your images on white A4 paper. Sort the images by them being horizontal or vertical. I like to make two different garlands, one for the horizontal images and one for the vertical images. 
  2. Measure 6 cm from the top and place your A4 image there. Use the stapler to staple the image to the fabric. By measuring the centimetres from the top you make sure all the images will be the same height. 
  3. Decide in which order you want your images, and place them in this order. Now get your ribbon out, save 20 cm of ribbon for the beginning and end. Folding over the first 2 cm around your ribbon and staple the fabric to the ribbon. Separate the images by 2 cm to create a playful look.
  4. And voila your garland is finished. 



What do you think of this garland?

Life in Photos 44/52

Photo above: 31th of October – Aaaaaamazing sunset.



31th of October – I can not get enough.



31th of October – Growing cress.



2th of November – Put the beef stew and potatoes in puff pastry dough…. It was sooooooo good.



3th of November – Baking apple pie.



3th of November – Home made pizza for dinner.



4th of November – Making a sauerkraut quiche at 8 in the morning.



4th of November – Preparing some desserts…



4th of November – I get a real autumn feeling when making these stewed pears. 



4th of November – Happy Birthday to the Mama. To another happy, fun, healthy year.



5th of November – Rain is coming…



5th of November – Delicious croque monsieur.



5th of November – When in Belgium…. A waffle with Nutella is a necessity. 



6th of November – Being crafty for a fun photo project.


British flag invitation

I turned 19 last week and had an awesome themed birthday party. The theme was the United Kingdom. It took us quite a while to come up with this theme, but when we did, the next thing we needed was an amazing invitation. We eventually came up with this idea and just thought it was too cute not to share this on our blog!


Things you need:

  • British flags
  • Firm paper/cardboard
  • String


What you do:

  1. Type out the text you want, we decided to make several cards to the invitation to make it more playful, but this is all up to you! 
  2. Print the text(s) and punch a hole in the left top corner.
  3. Punch a hole in the flag and pull your strings through both loops.
  4. Tie a knot, put it in an envelop and you're done!

dsc_0627 dsc_0628


Would you like to see more posts about the decorations and food we made for this party? Let us know in the comments!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! We were on a fantastic vacation in Italy and I couldn't get myself to sit down and write a blog post (I know, it's bad). But here I am, back with a delicious cake I made for Maxime's birthday party. 

In my opion, cake and birthday got together hand in hand, so every birthday must be celebrated with a delicious cake. As some of you might know, I have recently started eating a plant-based (vegan) diet. This meant that I didn't want to eat the cakes that my family made. So I decided to try out this vegan cake recipe I found on – you guessed it – Pinterest.

And trust me, if you love peanut butter and chocolate and do not use too much frosting, you'll we thrilled to find out how delicious this is. Let's get baking!













I followed this recipe. 

Already looks yummie, right?!

TIP: we didn't use as much frosting as this recipe says, because we felt it took away all the flavour of the cake. Aim for less than half of the prescribed frosting.



DIY confetti birthday invitation!

DIY this great birthday confetti invitation. My birthday is coming up so it was time to create a fun birthday invitation. I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to recreate this. I loved how fun, different and surprising it is. 





Here is what you need for the invitations:

  • Plastic bags
  • Red thread
  • 200 grams of confetti
  • Envelopes
  • Small notes saying open me
  • Small birthday invitations


Preparations of the confetti birthday invitations:

Create little notes with your birthday invitations and a open me message. They can be as small or as little as you would like. Just keep in mind that you have to be able to hide the invitation in the confetti. Once you have created these invitations, print them out and cut them.

Fill the plastic bags with confetti. Fold the birthday invitation into a little note. Hide the birthday invitation within your confetti. Tie the bag shut with the red thread and tie the open me note to this. Put the bags into a fun envelope and sent it out!