DIY brownie gift

I made this DIY brownie gift as a 'thank you' to someone who helped me out. This is also a fun gift for a birthday or as 'get well' wish.


Here is what you will need:

  • Brownie in pieces
  • A fun popcorn basket (or any other kind of basket you like)
  • Gift tag
  • Some ribbon
  • Plastic foil


Here is what you do:

  • Put the brownies into the basket. Make sure the brownies are visible ove the edge. 
  • Wrap the basket with some plastic foil. Add the ribon and gift tag.
  • Voila, your gift is ready!



Easter tulip gift

Easter is almost here!! Whoop, whoop. I always love Easter… it feels like a promise of better weather and summer coming. Plus we celebrate Easter with both side of the family and a lot of food… So yeah, sounds like a great holiday to me.

My mom and I went to IKEA the other day and brought home these cute Easter dishtowels. I knew I wanted to create an Easter gift out of this… so here we go. An Easter tulip gift, perfect for giving your egg-hunt hostess. 


Here is what you need:

  • Cute IKEA Easter dishtowel.
  • Planter
  • A cute spring flower, I used tulips bought at IKEA.
  • Ribbon







What to do:

Place the planter in the middle of the dishtowel. Fold the first point into the planter and continue to do so. You will reach the point where your whole planter is covered with the dishtowel. Check if you like the folding and if something sticks out somewhere you can adjust this at this point. Cut a piece of ribbon and tie this around the planter to finish of the look. Add the tulips and ready is your Easter tulip gift.




Happy Easter!!!!

Gift wrapping in old newspapers

There's nothing better then giving gifts. My uncle's and grandma's birthdays were coming up and I wanted to give them something special. As being the photographer of the family I have an archive full of great pictures off the whole family. I came across a discount for framed photo's at 'Herinnnering op Linnen' which is my favorite shop for ordering canvases, because their prizes and quality are great. And now they also offered framed photos.


I ordered two framed photos with different frames. I loved the quality and there is honestly nothing better then a correctly framed picture.


Here is what you need for wrapping your gift with old newspaper:

  • A stack of old newspapers (I got these from my dad, who saved them to make the puzzels, which he never did of course  :P)
  • Ribbons of your choosing
  • Tape
  • A cute gift tag (Which you can find on Pinterest)


What to do:

Wrap the present to your liking. Write a happy birthday message on you gift tag. Attach the ribbon and the tag to the gift! 

You're now ready to steal the show with your present!





Oma loved the gift!


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How to make the best DIY pillow cases!

Don’t you just love these pillow cases above?! Thank god they are only 35 euro’s… wait, what? That's a lot of money that you could also save… or spend on chocolate, you know, whatever you prefer.

 I will show you how you can easily make these pillows yourself in 3 steps for less then 10 euro’s/dollars (pillow cases included)! (Rather buy the pillows? Get them here)


The great thing about this DIY is that you can print whatever you want on the pillows. You can make it for a friend, love, family or pretty much anyone else. Everybody needs pillow cases to sleep 😉

I made Star Wars (Darth Vader & Stormtrooper) pillow cases for my boyfriend. The result:


He absolutely loved them!


What you need:

– Two white pillow cases

– (T-shirt) Transfer paper

– A printer

– A flatiron


What to do:

1. Print your image/print/saying on the transfer paper. Make sure your print is a Word-file so it is in A-4 format (same format as the transfer paper).

2. Cut out as much of the white surroundings as you can, because the white parts will become yellow (in time).

3. Iron the image/print/saying onto the pillow (any specific instructions will be on the transfer paper package). Make sure you iron it on the exact place you want it to be on.






Enjoy your DIY printed pillow cases!


What would you print on the pillow cases? Let us know in the comments!


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DIY Mexican gift basket

DIY this amazing gift basket with ingredients for a Mexican dinner. Last week it was my friends birthday, so me and another friend decided to give her a Mexican Night. Since we had so much fun cooking Italian together, why not do it again! You remember when I did the Italian Night? (Link at bottom of post) 

You can adapt this gift basket to whatever type of food you like! Or maybe some other products… get creative;)



– Metal basket

– Wooden cutting board

– Tea towel

– Photo frame (To put the card in :))

– Card with invitation to the Mexican Night.  Saying somethign like: "Happy Birthday. We wanna celebrate this with a Mexican Dinner Night". 

– Mexican food:

  • Tortillas
  • Gorditas
  • Tacoshells
  • Tortilla chips
  • Jalapeno peppers
  • Hot sauce
  • Mild salsa
  • Taco seasoning
  • Guacamole seasoning




Put all the ingredients in the basket. Just do what you think looks good.

I hope this gift basket idea inspired you! And that you might give away a dinner night as well. Trusy me when I say this, theres nothing better then spending time with good friends while eating good food…. 


Italian Night


Happy saying – Don't force it.



(Happy) Poster – R.I.P. David Bowie, thanks for inspiring so many of us.



Happy printable – Getting ready for valentines….or if you just want to surprise the one you love!



Happy gifting – Some gifting ideas!

For the kids: 1. For the little helper, IKEA €6,99. 2. cutest little rabbit lamp! You can buy it at the Flying Tiger for €2.  

e8c74b5bc1227e0a493e6a80bab269dd   b0e5480805b7d471cc1873bb7ed9f507


For him: 1. Wooden laptop stand, which you can fold so it's super easy to bring with you. You can buy this item at Etsy for €22. 2. For the dapper dude, H&M bow tie + pochet for €12,99. 

il_570xN.721426915_ob59  hmprod


For her: 1. Stylish pouf perfect for your wild side! Buy it at Woonexpress €129. 2. Happy printable planner for 2016, you can order at Etsy, download and print immediately €16!

3ef4e2d32fcc67447bda8806aa7358a4   il_570xN.857877217_nyfw


Happy reading – GREY by  E. L. James. After the 50 shades series this book made its appearence. It tells the story from his point of view. I have to say I might like it more then her's. Now on sale at for €9,99. 



Happy watching –  I just started the TV-series Orphan Black since my friend recommended it to me. It's about a girl who sees a women exactly like her jump in front of a train, she decides to take over this womans life. But what she finds is not what she expected, it turns out there are more woman who look exactly like her….. It's really good so far (I'm at episode 4) super exciting and keeps you drawn and hanging for the next episode. You can order the first season on for €17,99. 




Inspiration week 1/52


Happy saying – A new year, with a quote to accompany it.



Happy Poster – Who does not love a little Beyonce? No more saying you don't know the dance moves. 



Happy DIY – This week I pinned 2 DIY idea's for paper towel holders. 1. Is done with the use of a clothing hanger. 2. Is made with big wooden beads.

keukenhulp  IDAinteriorlifestyle13-05{2}


Happy printable – Not only great for the holidays….. You can hang this on a homemade gift and make every package look chic. 



Happy gifting – Some ideas for if you have a party coming up and are still looking for a nice gift.

1. For the kids: Color-in doll house or garage. €3 at HEMA.

3-235-x-16-x-38-wit-15902009-productzoom_rd   3-44-x-30-x-20-wit-15902011-product_rd


2. For him: Fipflask, cool for your 21 year old brother and your 80 year old granddad. Especially if the weather is getting colder. You can buy it at the Flying Tiger for €4. Travel toiletry bag, very stylish with it's gray and vintage look. is selling this piece for €19,95. 

20092502_picture_6530_3  9200000042955258

3. For her: Table lamp concrete. I think it is the cutest little lamp, soo sophisticated and cool. You can get it at XENOS for €12,99. I think it comes without the lamp. XENOS has a whole range of vintage light bulbs so you can pick one out you love. Tent Terrarium is a fun gift for your stylish friend. You can order it online at Urban Outfutters for €35.

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-06 om 13.01.27 5559502000600_027_b


Happy reading – Amber got this book for Christmas from our brother. I just love the idea they worked with here. They rewriting the books of Starwars in Shakespeare style. So cleaver and inspirational, she can't wait to start reading. 



Happy watching –  I saw the intern in the Cinema, such a happy movie about friendship, love and the struggles in life at all ages. With Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway!!! Now on DVD.



Awesome gift idea: Hot choco in a jar

This Christmas I wanted to make a couple of gifts myself, so of course; I went straight over to Pinterest. I searched and found A LOT of Do-It-Yourself ideas, but I was really busy, so I wanted to make something that was quick and easy. I found several gifts in a jar and absolutely loved the idea. At first I wanted to put all the ingredients for cupcakes in a jar, but I was only going to make 3 jars so that meant spending a lot of money on ingredients, but only using a little. Eventually I figured I wanted to put chocolate milk in a jar. Here's what I did to make it look festive in an easy, cheap and quick way!


What you need:

  • Hot chocolate
  • Little pieces of chocolate (I used white chocolate)
  • A big jar


  • A small jar
  • Small chocolates (or other small yummie things)
  • 1 Candy cane, a red straw and a cute printable tag


How to make this:

Step 1 (optional): Put the small chocolates in the little jar.

DSC_0087  DSC_0089

Step 2: Pour the hot chocolate mix in the jar, but keep in mind that you need some space for the little pieces of chocolate! 

DSC_0091 DSC_0093 DSC_0098

Step 3: Pour some small chocolates on top of the hot chocolate mix.

DSC_0100 DSC_0106 DSC_0105   


Step 4: Top it off as you like! I used a candycane, a cute printable tag and a red straw.

Step 5: Write the instructions on the printable, so the reciever knows how to make some delicious hot choco. I wrote down how much hot milk 2 tablespoons needed (it was the direction that was on the original package).

We also had some walnuts from our own garden, so I gave a little bag of those as well!

 DSC_0117  DSC_0156

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY (Christmas) gift!

Tea gift basket with cute Ikea crate!

My mom and I were at IKEA this week. This is our favorite mother-daughter outing. We love to walk through the store and get inspired by all the new products and smart solutions IKEA is always able to come up with.

On Wednesday we had a birthday of a dear friend, for whom we needed a gift. So when we ran into this awesome crate “SKOGSTA”. Which we thought would make the perfect basis for a tea gift basket. We decided to pair it with these awesome tea IKEA 365+ glasses.





Here is what you need:

  • Skogsta crate – IKEA
  • 2 tea glasses
  • 1 towel
  • 3 packages of tea
  • Candy, cookies, chocolate or something similar. 
  • Cute printable tag